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Beyond Dieting, Virtual Gastric Band, Therapist Training

Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist Training Be Your Own Boss.Info for Therapist Training

2014 Dates to be arranged.

Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist Training Be Your Own Boss, Choose Your Own Hours, Earn a Fabulous Income! The Beyond Dieting Therapist training will give you the knowledge and skills to start up your very own Weight Loss Therapy Clinic.

The weight loss industry is the fastest growing industry in the developed world today. Consider this one in four people are classed as clinically obese and two in four overweight. There are millions of people all over the world looking for solutions to their weight gain issues and they are looking for trained consultants to help them.

The fact is that diets don’t work they in fact mostly make you fatter!! Just the mere word “diet” implies something you do for the short-term. You diet against your normal eating patterns which are primarily controlled by your subconscious mind. You may lose some weight, but normally it is only temporary. The minute you stop dieting, the old eating habits and beliefs come back again and your body goes back to what it was doing before the diet, often leaving you bigger than you were before you started the diet. As a Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist you will be helping people to shed those excess kilos and keep them off for good!

Working as a Beyond Dieting Therapist will give you all the tools you need to truly help people achieve their weight loss goals. So if you really love helping people are motivated and enthusiastic this could be just the career you are looking for.

Maybe you are already working as a Therapist and want to add another modality to your repertoire of skills whether you are a Massuer, Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner, Counsellor or an Hypnotherapist. Whatever your reasons becoming a Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist can be the most rewarding and best career move your ever make.

Even in today’s economic climate the opportunities are there for you to enjoy earning a substantial income either from home or a clinic doing something you can really enjoy while being of service to others at the same time.

The Beyond Dieting Therapist Training is a 4 day full time course where you will be taught all the skills you need to set up your own Weight Loss practice straight away. You will be taught all the skills you need to become a Weight Loss Specialist using the Beyond Dieting method. You do not need any formal training in Hypnosis as we will provide you with full training and necessary proven workable scripts and back-up CD’s.

Contents of Training

The Beyond Dieting therapist training does not require any previous experience. To ensure an optimum learning environment and a good teacher/student ratio number are limited to between 10/12 participants for each course. So an early booking is recommended to ensure your place.

Skills Given:

Beyond Dieting therapist training does not require any previous experience !


Market Potential

Clinical Research shows two out of four people are obese or overweight and unfortunately excess weight is increasingly applying to children. Life has changed over the generations to a very sedentary based lifestyle with many people working behind desks or computers. We drive our cars everywhere even to the local shops, less and less people are taking any exercise. Stress is also a contributing factor in weight gain and tests are also showing now that stress related insomnia can add 5kgs a year in extra weight.

Weight related health problems are costing our already stretched medical system millions of dollars a year. People are looking for new ways to overcome their weight problems as dieting alone clearly is not the answer.

Weight gain leads to many serious health conditions including Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Insulin Resistance and many cancers. Obesity and Smoking are the two of leading cause of premature death in the developed world.

The Beyond Dieting Method addresses the missing link in weight management. The Beyond Dieting Method acknowledges and addresses the spiritual and emotional aspects of weight gain. Dieting is not enough most people lose weight only temporarily while they are on the diet then put all the previous weight back plus more in many instances once they stop dieting. The fact is Diets don’t work in the long term, when the emotional eating behaviours are addressed with Hypnosis and Lifestyle changes weight loss is easy and sustainable. People are desperate to find a weight loss solution that actually works for the rest of their lives.

The weight loss industry is a rapidly expanding market and presents a fantastic opportunity to creative a successful business for yourself on your own terms.

The Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis replicates Gastric Band Surgery

The course also includes training to replicate Gastric Band Surgery. The Virtual Gastric Band gives the benefits of the surgery without the risk of an invasive operation plus at a fraction of the cost of the physical operation and follow up medical fees.


Full scripts are given with background sound effects to replicate the sound of the operating theatre. The opportunity is there for you to only focus on The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for your business, as a stand alone therapy it is very lucrative and successful.



Your Investment

Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist CourseOnce you have completed the training within a very short amount of time you can start earning a substantial income. Beyond Dieting Graduates can expect to charge between $350 and $500 per Weight Loss Programme. The Beyond Dieting method comprises 2 sessions which includes written material and 4 CD’s for each client. You can easily earn $1000 a day if you charge $350 an d see three clients. This depends on your efforts and how dedicated you are to developing the business. Most franchises cost around $30,000 and involve a lot of hard work and monthly licensing fees and marketing costs. For a fraction of the cost you can become a Licensed Beyond Dieting Therapist and dictate your own terms and working hours.

The opportunity is there for you to establish your own business or add on to your existing business, work the hours that suit you either from home or other premises.

The course will provide you with the knowledge and clinical expertise to successfully run your own Weight Loss business using the Beyond Dieting Method. The course is restricted to 10-12 people to make sure each participant receives maximum care and attention to learn the necessary skills. The Beyond Dieting program is becoming very popular particularly in the UK and an early booking is recommended to ensure your place.

For those who book early a discount of 10% applies and a deposit of $300 is required to secure your place. Payments can be made either by electronic transfer or from your nominated credit card. The initial deposit must be made at the time of booking.

If for some reason you cannot attend the course after you have paid your initial deposit all money will be refunded less a $100 administration fee. I am most confident that you will be more than happy with this Beyond Dieting Weight Loss Therapist Course, however if in the unlikely event that you do not wish to complete the course after the first day of training you will get a full refund of fees paid less a $100 late cancellation fee.



To Be Scheduled.

The discount price is $1,500 which is offered if pay within one month of booking after which you pay the full price of $2,200.

We also offer an instalment plan and make a payment by monthly instalment, split over3 monthly payments. So for a down payment of $500 then 3 payments of $400. This special payment arrangement is only available until the early bird discount expires. So be Quick ! It costs slightly more but you will be able to spread the payments out while you get your business up and running.


Beyond Dieting Individual Therapy and Virtual Gastric Band

The Science of Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Beyond Dieting ProgramBeyond Dieting Individual Therapy and Virtual Gastric Band program.

Lose weight naturally and easily with the Beyond Dieting Program. The Beyond Dieting method is unique in that it addresses the underlying factors which often prevent us from shedding those extra kilos. For most of us the thought of dieting brings images of deprivation and starvation and something “you do” to lose weight.

This is why 90% of dieters who lose weight put it back on immediately they stop “dieting”. They even put more weight back on than what they originally weighed before they started the “diet”. The Beyond Dieting program addresses the “missing link” which is changing the mindset. Unless you change how you think about yourself you will always revert back to your old eating behaviours. The Beyond Dieting program addresses very powerfully ways to overcome negative thinking patterns and negative self image.

The Beyond Dieting method is a combination of Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming alongside lifestyle counselling and nutrition guidance with an emphasis on the spiritual and emotional aspects of weight management.

The program includes Four weekly Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions and 3 cds, two hypnotic and one motivational and informative for active listening. You will also be given full written support about the latest mind/body and weight loss research. Cost $480


Virtual Gastric BandVirtual Gastric Band​ Hypnotherapy

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss – the Non-Invasive alternative to Lap Band Surgery.

Experience the benefits of Gastric Band Surgery with No Operation, No Pain, No Complications and No Recovery Period.

Cost : $550 includes Four weekly Hypnotherapy sessions and 3 cds. Plus Written Content including my 7 Steps to Success Program to accompany your sessions.

Individual Sessions between $150 to $175


The Gastric Band Procedure

The Gastric Band Hypnotic Procedure reprograms the conscious mind

The Gastric Band Hypnotic Procedure reprograms the conscious mind to be satisfied with smaller food portions and to eat only when hungry. The treatment will change the way you think about food,remove cravings and handle the emotional eating behaviour. The Gastric Band Procedure gives the benefits of the lap band surgery without the risk of surgery and expensive medical bills and loss of income from having time off work. Gastric Band surgery has a great risk of complications such as infection, the band slipping down into the abdominal cavity and internal bleeding.

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is for those who have a BMI of over 30, want to lose weight but don’t want the surgery.It is also excellent for those who just need to lose those few extra kilos and want to monitor portion control. The Virtual Gastric Band therapy is an excellent way to re-train your eating habits and become mindful of what you are eating. It is safe has no side effects and completely painless and costs a fracti

The Virtual Gastric Band Program includes 4 Hypnotherapy sessions which cover also emotional eating and food cravings. You can also join my new Beyond Dieting Success Club where for a nominal fee you

will receive ongoing advice and support along your journey of success and becoming the size and shape you want to be!! The Success Club will be a fortnightly group meeting at a venue to be arranged.on of the price of Lap Band Surgery. The results of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis therapy are comparable to actual surgery without the complications and down time. The success rate globally for the VGB Treatment is a whopping 90% and much safer than the actual surgery and handles the emotional psychological aspects of weight loss which is overlooked with the Surgery.


Quit Cigarettes

Stop Smoking in 90 minutes with Hypnotherapy and NLP

Congratulations on your decision to become a non smoker. This program is designed to help you successfully stop smoking in 90 minutes, in fact 96.5% of smokers quit after the first session. I offer a lifetime guarantee so that if in the unlikely event you have another cigarette I will give follow up sessions absolutely free.

There is more to a smoking habit than nicotine. Will power alone is often not enough as this is working through the conscious mind whereas our habits and core beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind which are not always in alignment with what the conscious mind wants, Hypnotherapy will enable the conscious and unconscious mind to work together as one thus turbo boosting your decision to Quit Cigarettes.  

Stop Smoking in 90 minutes

There are many reasons why people smoke ...

Most people want to stop smoking but still continue.


Because we are all different,


The joy of this method is that it handles all the reasons Why? The QC method will safely and easily help you to become a non smoker by removing all your concerns about quitting cigarettes. Hypnosis will remove the smoking habit and eliminate the desire and cravings for cigarettes. The treatment is specifically tailored to your individual needs so you can easily become and remain a non smoker.

After the session you will feel great and know that you are a non smoker. Most people will have no withdrawal symptoms in fact many feel that they have never smoked at all.

Cost: $395 with Lifetime Guarantee or $250 for one session. Session time: 2hrs

Denise has over 15yrs experience in helping smokers quit cigarettes both here in Australia and in the UK.