337kg Man starts losing Weight with Hypnotherapy

337 Kg Man starts losing weigThe Efficacy of Hypnotherapy for Weight Management.

I recently read in the Sun Herald about a man called Ulu Tuipulotu struggling desperately to lose weight, weighing in at approx 337kgs as he could nit stand on the industrial scales long enough to accurately record his weight.  Ulu had tried many diets including Lite n Easy and diet shakes. Surgeons even told him he was too big for Gastric Band Surgery. Ulu is now receiving Hypnotherapy in an effort to change his eating behaviours. Ulu could eat a whole loaf for breakfast and a whole chicken for lunch and often stuffed himself with chips, donuts and soft drinks inbetween meals. After just 3 Hypnotherapy session Ulu as already lost 8kgs and his hopeful he has reached a turning point. Hypnosis is a powerful way to retrain the mind to eat smaller portions and alleviate cravings and get your mind back on track towards health and well being. Of course as a Hypnothapist I dont need convincing of the effacy of this powerful safe therapy. Remember the subconscious mind influences our feelings, habits and behaviours as well as the automatic functions of digestion, respiration and metabolism. Hypnosis simply relaxes the conscious mind to gain access to the subconscious processing to help to reframe and retrain via auto suggestion and behaviour modification techniques.

So consider Hypnotherapy for positive change, you will be pleasantly surprised on its many benefits.

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Virtual Gastric Band and Weight Loss

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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