Weight Loss Secret No 1

Weight Loss Secret No 1.
This may come as a shock to you and the opposite to what you have been told to believe. But let
me explain why.
If you are always jumping from one diet to the next you have to STOP THIS right now. Let’s face it
if there was a certain diet that worked long term then there would be no need for any other diet,
Also do you know anyone who has had long term success by remaining on any of these fad diets?
Probably Not.
Over the years I have so many private clients who have tried every diet and there is one common
emotion most of them shared, they were unhappy – most dieters are unhappy, why?
Because diets are based on force and deprivation, you are not allowed to eat certain foods and
you have to force yourself by relying on willpower to break eating habits that you have been
engaging in for years.
Willpower is not an effective reliable device and causes frustration and agitation because you are
forcing yourself to do something different to your habitual patterns. This is the wrong strategy.
So what do you do? The answer is you simply add in every day what it is that your body actually
needs for continued healthy existence and when you do the fat will just begin to dissolve and
disappear off your body. I will talk more about this later.
The other reason to stop dieting is that it triggers what’s called the starvation response. If you deny
your body foods this activates a built in self preservation response where your body actually slows
down your metabolism loses the ability to burn fat efficiently and increases your cravings for
sweeter and fatter foods because it thinks you are in a time of famine or in a harsh environment
where food is not readily available. This is an innate response built in to actually keep you alive
long enough to survive possible danger.

Positive Self Image and Acceptance

Self Acceptance and a Positive Self Image is the key to successful weight loss.

It is an unfortunate fact that skinny women and muscular men are promoted as the ideal shape in our society.

the media conditions us to believe that our structural size is under our control this in turn leads us to follow diet and exercise programs with unrealistic goals and expectations.