Never Give Up

Never Give Up...

You probably cant remember when you learned to walk or learned to ride a bike ? I am sure fell over many times before you finally mastered it.  Then even after you learned you probably had many mishaps... but you persevered and got there in the end when it became automatic and subconsciously ingrained.

How about you adopt the same attitude towards your weight loss goals? Everyone who begins a new fitness or health regime will have slip ups and setbacks. Research shows that people who lose weight and keep it off, and also those who gain it back on again, all have the same amount of set backs.  However those who keep it off are better able to stay motivated and are more likely to have a support network such as family, friends, or professionals to help keep them on track.

We have very powerful minds and we can use it to achieve anything that we want, the subconscious mind contains all the data of our life experiences and we can draw on our successes to create more success.  For example with Hypnotherapy I use the tool of Visualisation and Auto Suggestion to both reframe and reinforce desired change.  For instance you can imagine yourself wearing a fantastic new dress to a friends wedding having dropped a couple of dress sizes.  You can see yourself feeling happy and confident looking healthy and slim.

The secret is to use this visualisation to keep you motivated every day then you will see the results much quicker.
Another great motivator is personal health and well being and remind yourself of the risks of not eating healthy.  Excess sugar and processed foods are linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Being fitter and slimmer will decrease the risk of chronic illness and disease.  Excess weight is also as a strain on the joints and causes arthritis and inflammation.

Never Give Up... A few tips to help you:

* Stick with your vision of success.
* Consider getting some professional help.
* Join the Gym
* Surround yourself with positive supported people.

With Love Denise


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