If You Think You Can You Can

If You Think You Can You Can

Henry Ford said: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right"

I totally agree with this quote anything that we want to achieve in life is entirely up to ourselves. Oftentimes our most challenging obsticle is ourselves and we often put up limitations to prevent us from achieving what we really want. You have it within you to be successful all you have to do is believe in your ability to make that thing you want to happen.

The mind can sometimes be our greatest enemy and make all sorts of excuses as to why you cannot achieve something. I understand that it can be frustrating if you are constantly dieting and not seeming to get anywhere or you lose weight on the "diet" then pile the kilos back on when you stop "dieting".

The secret is consistency and not depriving yourself and develop the confidence and know that you can achieve your desired weight loss goals. Learn to focus on what you want - a leaner, slimmer, fitter healthier body. Visualise yourself at your ideal weight, wearing that special outfit that makes you feel good. It really is often our thinking that hinders our progress. Think on other difficulities you have had in your life and how much easier it was to solve them when you where positive and worked towards the outcome that you wanted.

Apply these same principles to your health and weight management goals and positive results will come so much quicker. Remember the subconscious mind is an incredible data base and can help you to realise your dreams and goals by focusing and working towards what you want.

Key points to remember:

* Stay focused and believe you can do it.
* Visualise yourself the size and shape you want to be this will keep you motivated.
* Never give up keep going even when times are tough. Manage your emotions and stay in charge.
* Develop good habits and self discipline. Successful people stay successful by staying on track despite setbacks.
* Develop an "I can do" attitude. It works wonders.

Have a great week!!

Love Denise


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